Are You A Knowledge Leader ?

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Are You A Knowledge Leader ?

Read this If you want to learn how to create blogs like a pro and if you are a “knowledge leaders” "writer", and “Aspirants of online traffic” [4 mins read]


This is to help you understand how you can use our blogging framework freely at My COE with deep-links, videos, and keyword/tags and generate life-long organic traffic..!


Unlike FB & Linkedin, Here at My-COE you are in full control! Our article framework provides you the power of cover-photo sharing option. (Means the full-size, beautiful and attractive photo you see appears on FB/LinkedIn page when shared from a professional blogging sites or news portals) Now You too have the choice of full-size photo is your blog sharing! To get a cover photo, You can visit Canva.com (its free) for having ready made pre-built creative images.  

Further, Our blog also automatically generates Social Meta Title and "Your blog title gets converted into a static link - which is very highly SEO friendly. Along with multi-para, multi-image (left/right) along with your Knowledge/Product/Innovation or services literature and a "YouTube" Video all in one for a multi-media experience for the readers.


In Short – you just need to pick your basic image/content/video and it will automatically convert your blog as if written by a professional blogger as it comes in magazines and news portal.  

Over and above this, we will also share your article at our Social Media pages, and further on Closed WhatsApp Groups (if it’s really valuable) and by the virtue of being member of My-COE, all those users out there will tend to re-call and most of them will press like and share each other’s blogs, products and services when seen on FB Page and this way in return we increase traffic to everyone's post!


We know this sounds rosy but writing a blog may consume quite a time initially, google research, focus and you need to awaken the writer inside you:) But do try this out, its okey if you make mistakes. Once you do - you will get life-long visits from google (post google crawls the site once every month organically) and our framework provides multi multi visibility within the site in the various sections of the site for the users to discover it. 

Lastly, - You can also uplift the readers experience by inserting a beautiful YouTube Video.


Watch a quick video for blogging tips from world renowned blogger:-

What do you think?

Feel free to post your views or query by commenting below.

-Thank You,


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