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I have tried to write for Poet's Society on their request for this Independence Day! 

Freedom is expensive, freedom is a double edged weapon if not handled with care.

So here's wishing a very happy Independence Day to one and all!

धन्यवाद, शुक्रिया...

चंद लाइने मैंने लिखी हैं इस आज़ादी पे...

तुम सारी अहमियत भूल गए,

हमसे सवाल कर बैठे हो।

जवाब खुद के पास नहीं,

हमसे ये क्या मिसाल पूछ बैठे हो?

ना ये सरकार मेरी है, 

ना कोई रौब मेरा है।

ना बड़ा सा नाम मेरा,

ना सरोकार गहरा है।

ये आज़ादी है जनाब,

अघाज़ बहोत भारी है।

संभाल लो तो जन्नत,

नही तो जर्रा जर्रा ज़ख्मी है।

आज़ादी की क़ीमत,

बंदिशें चीखती हैं।

जर्रा जर्रा समेट लो,

आज़ादी जर्रो में कहां टिकती हैं।

आज़ादी बहुत नाजुक और एक बड़ी जिम्मेवारी भी है, बस सिर्फ सारी बंदिशें तोड़ना ही आज़ादी नहीं होती, कुछ बंदिशों में बंधे रहना भी जरूरी है जनाब।

मेरे जज़्बातो से इस कदर वाक़िफ़ है मेरी कलम,

मैं इश्क़ भी लिखना चाहु तो इंक़लाब लिख जाता है।

जय हिंद।।

आशा है पसंद आए।

Hi Everyone,

I've been asked numerous times that what do I do, so here's a bit of me to open up more warm and collaborate with every worthy professionals in our journey of value co-creation

Here's what I bring on table:
1. Being on chair of University-Industry Interface & Innovation of One of the largest university in the country with more than 12 different Schools & more than 25000 campus strength of young learners, who are all set to change the future of the nation if guided on time.
You can be Mentors that I look for.

2. My Centre of Excellence (www.mycoe.in): An end to end platform to connect business enablers at one place i.e. Man & Market, the rest will take care of themselves, We Do Believe!
Are you the die-hard #believers we vye for you.

3. Mission of Youth empowerment to get them into main stream economy at earliest thru various Gig opportunity.
If you need to grow and add onto your business frugally, You are not alone in this journey, Count me in.

4. Mission to Connect, Collaborate & Grow the massive numbers of Indian SMEs and taking them from strugglers to aspirers & thrivers.
We are together into it, let's meet.

We help grow businesses to grow economy & create opportunities thru rigors of Innovation (read: innovation=something which makes others life a little or drastically better than before) & Creativity (read: creativity=something non existent before & beyond conventional) and keep adding excellence into work and life of every stakeholders.
Come Thru: www.mycoe.in

And let's start work on building #excellence together.
When #excellence matters, we are in it together.
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