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Industry Champions Program [ICP]

Industry Champions Program [ICP]

With a firm belief that Teaching is not just a profession but an Identity and it takes a Coach to build Champions. 

We are shifting a spotlight to the Industry Difference Makers & building future leaders Industry Champions.

Welcome to Industry Champions Program & proudly join the tribe of "Champions for the Industry 2020" when the world needs those champions more than ever before.

"Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."

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Kumar Rajesh Singh MyCOE Team
Mr. Sudarshan Negi (Associate Professor SMFE) Professional
Raj Nidhi Sharma Consultant.
meenal gupta Professional
Jagdeep Singh (SET Assistant Professor) Professional
Vivek Shankar Mathur (SETAssociate Professor) Professional
Mr. Suvats Avasthi (SMFE Assistant Professor) Professional
Sharad Chaturvedi Consultant.
Subh May Institute

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